Med-Tech Company

A Dutch Med-Tech company approached us to create a business framework around a new – industry disrupting – approach to the design and production of orthodontic appliances.
We started off by gaining in depth knowledge about the orthodontic industry, as well as the current market for orthodontic appliances. After analyzing the industry and gauging the potential size of the market for orthodontic appliances, we went on to create a business plan that was required to attract investors. The business plan contained essential chapters such as an in depth description of the current market, an illustration of the “old” way of designing and producing orthodontic appliances and the “new” way, the benefits and monetary savings of this new way of designing and producing, and the financial projection of the business venture.
Since the technology is highly scalable, we went on to create two different business plans, made for investors with different types of risk appetite. We created an organic growth plan and a more agressive growth plan, requiring 3 million and 45 million Euro investments respectively.
For the company`s fund raising we have actively approached 30+ Venture Capitalists and private investors, with a customized pitch deck and investment teasers.