Franchise Restaurant

Our customer approached us with a simple declaration: “there`s no affordable, casual yet tasty pasta in Singapore. I know the perfect restaurant, and i want to become their franchisee”.
We kicked off our research by visualizing the current supply of Italian food in Singapore, segmented into fine dining, fast food, and fresh casual. We came to find that there was indeed no proper fresh casual Italian restaurant in Singapore, and decided to continue our viability study.
After having laid first contact with the franchisor, we visited the headquarters in Europe, and presented our market research and proposal. Upon receiving notification of being shortlisted, we continued writing the business plan, which contained the strategic and market analysis, the marketing and organisational plan, and the financial plan. The aim with this business plan was not only to receive the Letter of Intent from the franchisor, but also to raise funds.
The business plan prompted the visit to Singapore by two principals from the headquarters, after which the official Letter of Intent was signed.